Baseline Design Specification Resource Library

You may be challenged by issues like site conditions, water availability and other constraints while designing a landscape. Baseline delivers innovative and reliable irrigation solutions for any application from simple to the most complex. What sets our solution apart is its ability to automatically and precisely gauge when and how much plants need to be watered.

Our design specification resource library, below, provides details about Baseline irrigation systems to help you prepare comprehensive plans and specifications. Our experienced sales and support staff are on hand to answer your questions and help you select the best solution for your project.


Controller Information


BaseStation 3200 Technical Specification
BaseStation 1000 Technical Specification
DC Controller Technical Specification
DC Controller Specifiers' Guide
WaterTec S100 Technical Specification

Performance Component Information


SubStation Technical Specification
FlowStation Technical Specification
Munro Pump Station Integration Brochure

AppManager Application Framework Information


Central Control Technical Specification
Mobile Access Technical Specification
BACnet Manager Technical Specification

Communication Module Information


Specifier's Guide for Network Communication
BaseStation 1000 Wi-Fi Module Technical Specification
BaseStation 3200 Wi-Fi Module Technical Specification
3G Cell Modem Technical Specification
Ethernet Radio Technical Specification

Self-Hosted Baseline Server Information


Self-Hosted Baseline Server Technical Specification

Two-Wire, Conventional Wire, & Devices


Two-Wire Technical Specification
Powered biCoder Technical Specification
BL-5406 4-20mA biCoder Technical Specification
Surge Arrestor & Grounding Technical Specification
Recommended Wire Connector

Flow Devices


Flow Sensors & Hydrometers Technical Specification
Flow biCoders Technical Specification
ControlPoint PFS Technical Specification

Smart Watering


biSensor Soil Moisture Sensor Technical Specification
Watering with Soil Moisture Sensors
WeatherAccess™ Overview

Configuration & Specification Guides


BaseStation 3200 Configuration & Specification Guide
BaseStation 1000 Configuration & Specification Guide
FlowStation Configuration & Specification Guide


General Specifications

Baseline’s general specifications are available in Microsoft Word format and are suitable for including in specifier’s documentation. If your bidding process prohibits product brand names in your documentation, choose the non-proprietary version of the general spec.


BaseStation 3200 Irrigation Controller

Standard version
Non-proprietary version


BaseStation 1000 Irrigation Controller

Standard version
Non-proprietary version



Standard version
Non-proprietary version



Standard version
Non-proprietary version



Standard version
Non-proprietary version


Conventional Wire

Standard version
Non-proprietary version


Flow Sensor & Hydrometer

Standard version
Non-proprietary version



Standard version
Non-proprietary version


Central Control

Standard version
Non-proprietary version